Nieuwsblad Transport has developed into a powerful multimedial source of information in transport and logistics. Information is offered constantly through different media. Because of this, NT reaches thousands of decision makers every week.

News from the business is offered 24/7 through a great variety of online media. Central source is, supported by the newsletters NT e-mail and NT Weekly. Nieuwsblad Transport, the weekly newspaper delivered on Fridays, offers in-depth information and backgrounds with the news. With every edition of Nieuwsblad Transport comes Mainport Mail, the information source with export services to thousands of destinations worldwide, through all modalities.

Why advertise in NT
NT is the brand offering the broadest reach in transport and logitics. If we take all media into account, we can offer you well over 600,000 contacts per month.

Target groups and demography
Learn more about NT’s targetgroups and their demography. Download the info sheet here.

The broadest reach in transport and logistics is achieved when you plan your campaign in our online and offline media. We are here to help you find the best solution for the campaign that really suits your goals and targets. Please download the info sheets in the next column or call us at +31 10 280 1025.

Online is a successful website in transport and logistics of which ots content is only accessible to subscribers. An impression of your ad is therefore extra valuable. By advertising you simply know you only reach people with a high affinity with transport and logistics. The most recent statistical information can be downloaded here every month.

NT Dossier
Every issue of Nieuwsblad Transport comes with a special theme, NT Dosier. In NT Dossier our editorial staff really get to the bottom of issues that keeps the business occupied. The list of themes for 2013 can be downloaded in the column to the right. Each NT Dossier is kept up to date online throughout the year. This enables you to attract direct attention to your company’s specialisms, by advertising in both the print and online issues of NT Dossier. Rates and possibilities are found in the column to the right.

Products and events
Nieuwsblad Transport organises conferences, seminars and workshops throughout the year and publishes a wide range of books and other information for specialists in transports and logistics. In the column to the right you will find more information on these products and events.

Our Salesteam
Your opportunities to communicate your message are almost endless. Each of the media mentioned has its own impact in the market. It is a good idea to discuss your thoughts with one of our account managers. You can find the complete team here (under “Verkoop”) and contact them directly.
You can also call +31 10 280 1025.